Costa Leon, a swedish music producer & songwriter that was born 1992 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Costa´s first official release; ”I’ll Take A Svarna”, was picked up and presented by Roger Sanchez on his show ”Release Yourself” back in 2011. In 2014 Costa participated in the big TV show Top Model Sweden, simultaneously taking a short break from music. In October 2016 his latest release ”Everything About You” was featured by famous Youtube channel CDeep Music and presented worldwide. Earlier the same year, Costa released ”Mabody” which became a foundation for his new sound. His single ”Dreamin Of You” was featured by the talented Swedish-Persian singer Nikita So Nikki, a participant of the famous Persian Television show Manoto Stage 2017. ”Set Me Free“, the latest release by Costa Leon is featured by Aaron Richards, a young singer from New York City. Costa is also a songwriter behind the famous Swedish duo Samir & Viktor ”Shuffla” and Barbi Escobar´s song ”Stark”. – ”A playful and profound song reflecting the modern vibes of Costa Leon.”